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Dec 14

Quayle Munro made an investment in leading Content Intelligence platform, idio

Quayle Munro is pleased to announce it has made an investment in idio, the leading Content Intelligence platform, as part of a $6.2 million funding round. This funding follows an earlier round of $2.3m in April 2013, bringing total investment to $8.5m.

idio’s Content Intelligence platform identifies patterns in consumers’ content consumption to understand their interests and uses this intelligence to provide strategic customer insight, target real-time personalised content, predict future conversion and customer value, and empower intelligent sales conversations.

Over the past 12 months idio has seen 175 per cent revenue growth in the US market, and the new capital will primarily be used to build on this success to support rapid sales and marketing expansion. It will also enable the company to service new clients through its strategic partnership with Salesforce.com, where there is enormous potential to harness the vast volume of unstructured data within the AppExchange ecosystem to make marketing, sales and service activities more relevant and effective.

Mark Fisher, Managing Director of Quayle Munro, said: “idio’s ability to provide automation and intelligence across both marketing and sales functions presents a compelling product offering. We are greatly looking forward to working with idio to help the company realise the huge potential that we believe it has.”

Quayle Munro from time to time makes minority investments in companies which provide must-have data, analytics, software and services to large or global markets.

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