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Jan 06

Advised iParadigms on its equity raising strategy

Quayle Munro is pleased to announce that iParadigms has completed a private investment transaction by entrepreneur Mason Slaine, who has joined the Board of the Company. Quayle Munro was appointed by iParadigms to explore strategic options for the fast growing business. The terms of the investment in iParadigms were not disclosed.

Kit van Tulleken, Quayle Munro, commented on the successful investment: "We are delighted to have brought an investor who understands the nature of iParadigms' business and who will bring added value through his industry knowledge. Mason Slaine is an expert in publishing and databases, who understands both the dangers of plagiarism and the wonderful potential of iParadigms' services. His industry expertise and perspective will be invaluable during the next exciting stage in the Company's development."

About iParadigms: Since its founding in 1996, iParadigms has been a pioneer in the rapidly expanding field of digital plagiarism detection, a specialism in which it is the global leader. The company has developed a suite of advanced tracking tools to combat the piracy of intellectual property and ensure the originality of written work. These tools have been adopted and successfully implemented by thousands of institutional clients all over the world.

About Mason Slaine: Mr Slaine has been in the information/publishing business for the past 22 years, including financial information and electronic databases in the finance, IP and health information fields. From 1994 to 1996 he was President and CEO of Thomson Financial; in 1996 he founded IHI, an electronic publisher in the IP and health care field, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1998 and acquired by The Thomson Corporation in 2004.

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