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Aug 11

Advised Doctors.net.uk Limited on its sale to M3 USA, part of M3 Inc

Quayle Munro is pleased to announce that it has advised Doctors.net.uk Limited, the largest and most active professional network of doctors in the UK, on its sale to M3 USA, part of M3, Inc., a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange providing the life science industry with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, and research solutions.  The M3 group of companies can now claim access to over 1.5 million physicians for market research, education and healthcare promotions.

Doctors.net.uk has a membership of over 184,000 doctors, with 97 per cent saying that the network is their most trusted source of information.  It is the online resource most frequently used by them and provides forums for discussion, education and extensive editorial content, including conference highlights to support them in making the best decisions for the care of their patients.  The network was created for doctors, by doctors in 1998.  More than 300 doctors now act as advisers and clinical information contributors.  Credibility and integrity of all published materials is assured thanks to an experienced editorial team and a code of absolute transparency for all information published.

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